Practice Areas:

Estate Planning:

  • Our mission is to assist our clients in making legal and financial arrangements that benefit themselves, their families and their communities, both during life and after death.  This involves comprehensive estate planning from preparation of the last Will and Testament, Trust creation, Durable Power of Attorney for both health and financial matters, and preparation of Health Care Directives.


  • When a person passes away, the probate process governs the transfer of his or her assets to heirs or beneficiaries. Probate involves the appointment of a Personal Representative, identification of heirs or beneficiaries, inventory of property within the estate, notification to creditors and the eventual distribution of assets.  We are able to assist our clients with every stage of the estate administration process from an initial determination of whether probate is required, to court filings, creditor claims, and distribution of the estate.


  • A guardianship may be necessary when a person in unable to manage their financial and/or their personal needs.  We will help you with each step of the process from determining whether a guardianship is necessary, filing the petition with the Court and representation throughout the process.